People who budget have better financial outcomes

Budgets help individuals enhance their financial well-being 

Budgeting is one of the single most effective tools for money management. It's an effective way to map out spending to help manage your money and help ensure you will have enough money for the things you really need and the things that are important. A budget or spending plan can help budgeters reduce debt and keep finances on track while also increasing the likelihood of meeting short term and long term financial goals.

RESPs help you power up and maximize education savings

Given rising education costs, Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) are a smart way to power up and maximize education savings. Trust me I know. I am the proud Mom of 2 recently graduated sons. Tuition is just part of the cost of post secondary education. Books, residence fees, activity fees and other living expenses can really add up. RESPs can be  used for all of those costs. Tax sheltered investment growth and government grants (Free Money) can make a huge difference to savings over the long term.


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