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Net Worth is Worth Tracking

Some say Net Worth is a GOOD number to track in order to determine whether you are making financial progress. Others say it’s the ONLY number to track.

What is net worth ?

Net worth (also generally referred to as wealth) is one measure of an individual’s material well-being or financial success, calculated by the amount by which assets exceed liabilities or debt. And yes; it's possible to have a negative number especially for young professionals with student debt; don't despair.

Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth

Why does it matter?

What's a GIF and what's the diff when it comes to investing ?

A GIF is a Guaranteed Investment Fund that offers long term investment growth potential with protective guarantees to help you minimize risk. They are a combination of an investment product like mutual funds which give exposure to a diversified portfolio of stocks or other assets that offer growth opportunities but include the features of an insurance policy in the form of a segregated fund contract.
That's why they are offered exclusively by insurers.


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