Life changes that come with aging or illness can happen slowly with warning signs or by way of a sudden crisis rapidly where decisions often need to be made and actions taken quickly. Often, it’s hard to know where to start with the tasks that need doing or even clarifying what those tasks are. It’s often an overwhelming experience for everyone involved.

Beyond being financial advisors we are also certified professional consultants on aging (CPCA) who also happen to have much personal and professional experience in this area. That’s why we offer information and support to loved ones and/or caregivers that are facing the challenges that can come with taking care of an aging spouse, partner or close family member or friend. It’s an holistic and common sense approach to helping. We also help employers who want to assist employees and other professionals who want to help their clients.


Often times, it’s about making lifestyle changes that will better support an aging loved one. The range of living options in Ontario is particularly hard to navigate for family caregivers who are often working full time and have other family responsibilities while trying to balance caregiving responsibilities.

We can help individuals & their families make more informed decisions by helping assess which options best meet their needs based on a consideration of financial resources, health, accessibility/mobility issues, and support needs.
We can also help you to execute those decisions.  Whether the need is for support for aging in place or a home relocation, we are connected to an Age Friendly team of Professionals who will listen respectfully needs and concerns and create a personalized plan.

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