Estate Mistakes from 4 stars that died too young

Estate planning is for everyone

The goal of estate planning is to leave what you have to whom you want to at the least possible cost in terms of administration and taxes. But, no one can successfully predict how long they will live; illness and accidents can happen at any age & when least expected. That's why estate planning is important no matter the age (or stage). Too many families are caught off-guard and found unprepared when an incapacity or death happens and proper estate plans are not in place.

Give yourself (Good) Credit

Many Canadians know that good credit history will make it easier to get a mortgage or a line of credit but often a prospective employer, insurer, cell phone company or landlord may also check a prospective client's credit during the application process. These are good reasons to make sure your credit history is in good order. But it's even more important to check your credit on at least an annual basis because of the increasing occurrence of identity theft. 


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